Peter has both led and contributed to many application, multimedia, and research based projects in the Information Technology field, with a particular focus on researching and developing immersive experiences through the use of emerging technologies.


Designing Mixed Reality Supported Physically Embedded Workflows

A collaborative research project between Monash University & Agilent Technologies seeking to model physically embedded workflows and inform the design of future mixed reality systems. This project will be the basis of Peter's PhD thesis and will result in both a theoretical model and a practical solution informed by a detailed ethnographic case study.

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Autonomous Flight Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based Photogrammetry

Completed as part of Peter's honours minor thesis, a mobile application that enabled the automation of the data capture process for UAV based photogrammetry was developed and evaluated. This project ultimately resulted in a streamlined development pipeline for 3D artists undertaking photogrammetry in their own projects, and identified possible avenues for further research in the field. Since this project's completion in 2016, a number of similar applications have released on multiple mobile store fronts, indicating a market for additional research.

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Monash Rocks: An Augmented Reality Journey Through Deep Time

In this project, SensiLab is collaborating with the Faculty of Science (School of Geosciences) to reconstruct an immersive visualisation of the Devonian seafloor 400 million years ago. The visualisation draws upon a select range of fossilised fauna found in Buchan limestone as well as inferred and associated animals attested in the Australian fossil record of this era. This dynamic virtual reconstruction is being developed as an augmented reality experience for primary, secondary and university students in the Monash Earth Sciences Garden.

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