Peter Hoghton is a PhD Candidate at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

He is currently researching Designing Mixed Reality Supported Physically Embedded Workflows.

His supervisors are Assoc Prof. Tim Dwyer, Prof. Kim Marriott and Dr. Maxime Cordeil from Monash University's IALab & SensiLab, and Dr. Jeff Comerford from Agilent Technologies.

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Peter is an educated, experienced and versatile Information Technology professional with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of application development and multimedia.


Application Development

He has many years of experience developing innovative applications using C# and C++ in both Unity and Visual Studio.

Image Compositing & Video Production

From image compositing in Photoshop to video production in Premiere Pro, he has extensive experience using the various aspects of the Adobe Creative Cloud for multimedia creation.

3D Content Creation

He also possesses a comprehensive knowledge of creating and animating 3D artwork in Autodesk Maya.

For more information you can view Peter's CV and Portfolio.